Daily Relief for Stressed Men

I think I may have inadvertently discovered a way for men all around the world to have a bit of "me-time" during the hustle and bustle of home life.

Running water.

Running water shuts out the sounds of the outside world. While previous experiments with loud music or TV were ineffective against sonic emanations from wives, mother-in-laws and children, running water has recently been found to successfully shield the harrowed and peace-seeking man.

First, "number 1", followed by a toilet flush (two instances of running water). Then, hand washing, also under running water.

During my testing I have been totally oblivious to two requests for cat-litter changing, 3 notifications expressing displeasure at something I did, numerous altercations between cat, dog, and one or more children, and at least one discussion where I was not required, regarding the purchase of new linen and/or manchester.

You're welcome. Men, enjoy your 3 minutes extra "me-time" today.

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