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The Road (Wikipedia, IMDB) is probably not for everyone. The movie follows the Man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son who are heading south in a world where there's literally nothing, set 10 or maybe 15 years after an un-named global devastation. There's no crops or animals and shops and buildings are beyond looted; the people that the Man and his son meet are interested only in pure survival, and the future looks bleak.

I liked this movie (which very closely follows the book of the same name by Cormack McCarthy) because it's about people and relationships...and it's a sci-fi :-)

The Road is not a thriller or horror. There's only really 5 or 6 characters including flashbacks of the Man's wife (Charlize Theron) and the people that the Man and his son meet on the road. The Man tries to train and teach his son about "being the good guys" and maintain hope. I wonder what I'd do in a similar situation? Would I be as strong?

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and recommend it for the performances by the two leads, moments of tension and its bleak scenery. My rating for The Road is 9/12.

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A Letter To My Wife On Movie Nights

To my wife: When it comes to entertainment, there's movies both you and I enjoy, there's movies that just I like, and there's some that only you can watch (and I find horrible and repellent). Though this sounds easy, recently I got a little mixed up.

You see, I'd been thinking that you felt the same way I did about snuggling in to watch the X-Men trilogy and than rave about just how great the latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi film at the cinemas was going to be. I thought they were "both you and I enjoy" moments, not realising that I was putting my preferences onto you.

I'm sorry I took your tastes for granted. Wifey, I'm glad you chose P.S. I Love You the other night. It was clearly a chick-flick that probably should have come with its own box of tissues, but regardless, I still enjoyed watching it with you.

I'll remember from now on that we have different preferences, and that our joint preferences are not decided by me.

Oh, and I'm open to watch any of your movies as long as they don't feature Matthew MacCanaughterary or Maria Carey and don't have any variation of the word "sleep" in the title.



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