Avatar in 3D

See Avatar in 3D. I'm sure the movie looks amazing without 3D, but to really experience the lush, strange and beautiful world where Avatar is set, you'll need 3D.

After seeing it in full 3D glory last night (and itching to go again - anyone interested?) I'm starting to wonder why all movies aren't made this way.

There's nothing amazing about the story (love this quote on Rotten Tomatoes: "A wonder to behold, a story to forget"), but the 3D effect manages to fully immerse you in a film that has the most realistic computer-generated imagery and attention to detail of the setting that I've ever seen.

Unlike previous gimmicky 3D movies - Nightmare on Elm Street 3D, I'm looking at you - the effect is often subtle and used to build up depth and layers in scenes, not just to poke something "out" of the screen at the viewer. The glasses were comfortable and weren't the red/blue cardboard things that I was expecting (note: Avatar 3D can't be watched without the glasses).

I'm a sci-fi fan and probably enjoyed the movie more than my wife, but as an experience and spectacle, it's really, really worth seeing in 3D.

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