Our Vanuatu Family Trip

On Wednesday we returned from 9 glorious days in Vanuatu, a holiday Olivia and I had been promising each other for 10 years since we last visited on our honeymoon.

This time, with the kids and a couple of days' visit from my parents, we had an even better time than in 1999. We stayed at the same resort - Le Lagon - as we did all those years ago, and even had views of the Erakor lagoon from our room:
Kids on balcony at Le Lagon, December 2009

While in Vanuatu we did a couple of snorkeling activities, went horse-riding near Hideaway Island, enjoyed a sunset cruise thanks to Mum and Dad, relaxed by the pool, and generally had a blast in a fascinating country (click on a photo for more information):

Olivia and I Horse Riding, December 2009

Olivia on the Meridien Sunset Cruise, December 2009

The Melanesian Feast at Taewe Beach was a highlight for everyone:
Melanesian Feast, December 2009

Visiting Mele Cascades early in the day was stunning:
Me and the kids in Mele Cascades Waterfall, December 2009

Mele Cascades pool, December 2009

Olivia and I still love Vanuatu and can't wait until we get to go again. The kids had a fantastic experience and it was fun to travel together. Did I mention I can't wait to go back?

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