Heath's Cold Sores, and TJ Can Read Minds...

We had a good ole'-fashioned home weekend this weekend because we thought Heath had school sores (highly infectious), but it turned out he had cold sores (yeeech...apparently his immune system will build up):

Of course after a weekend in, the house looked like a bomb had hit it. TJ demonstrated previously-unknown mind reading powers* late Sunday when I asked him to clean up the lounge room where the kids had been stacking cushions and jumping on them.

I was about to give him specific instructions regarding the better cushions which should be returned to the family room:

Me: TJ, can you pack up the lounge and take those two yellow cush...
TJ (quickly): Yes.
Me (slightly annoyed, ready to remind him not to interrupt my monologue, and about to chide him that he couldn't possibly know what he was saying "Yes" to): Yes what?
TJ (without skipping a beat): Yes, I will take the yellow cushions and those other cushions to the family room.
Me (defeated): That's what I was about to say. Right then.
* I think TJ got lucky with his guess. He thinks he read my mind :-)

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