You Know What I Hate?

I saw a funny movie a while back where the main character would encounter situations he didn't like, and would then react entirely without inhibition. He ran a lane-drifting driver off the road; he spanked a woman who spanked her children; he chopped off a man's ponytail, explaining that it "doesn't make you look hip, cool or young".

Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't consider doing any of these know what I hate?

Reality TV. All reality TV shows need to be cancelled, and the "stars" made to do community service as penance.

Noisy people in cinemas annoy me. Similarly, people who bring 7-year-olds to M-rated films and then are noisy trying to shoosh the kids. They need to all be shoved in to the one screening - a whole babble of noisy shooshers.

People who finish other's sentences need to go without talking for a day.

And I absolutely hate the letters to the editor section in newspapers. I'd open a newsagent where those pages were ripped from every paper.

Ah, that feels better. Back to normal programming now :-)

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Olivia said... Wednesday, September 09, 2009 7:08:00 PM

wow. You really let loose when you get your opnion out...I like to finish sentences...would you like me to stop talking for a day???? Good luck with that one!!!

Love you!

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