You Know What I Hate?

I saw a funny movie a while back where the main character would encounter situations he didn't like, and would then react entirely without inhibition. He ran a lane-drifting driver off the road; he spanked a woman who spanked her children; he chopped off a man's ponytail, explaining that it "doesn't make you look hip, cool or young".

Even in my wildest dreams I wouldn't consider doing any of these know what I hate?

Reality TV. All reality TV shows need to be cancelled, and the "stars" made to do community service as penance.

Noisy people in cinemas annoy me. Similarly, people who bring 7-year-olds to M-rated films and then are noisy trying to shoosh the kids. They need to all be shoved in to the one screening - a whole babble of noisy shooshers.

People who finish other's sentences need to go without talking for a day.

And I absolutely hate the letters to the editor section in newspapers. I'd open a newsagent where those pages were ripped from every paper.

Ah, that feels better. Back to normal programming now :-)

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BioShock Essay at Critical Distance

Recently I bought the game BioShock and although I'm only 10 or so hours into it, I have to say it's one of the best video games I've ever played. The 50's-era environment is wonderfully portrayed using sight and sound, and the underwater city of Rapture is at once both scary and intriguing. From a geek perspective, the graphics are great and the gameplay flows without being too hard for a casual gamer like myself.

But the key to BioShock - what sets it apart - is the great story.

All this to say that Michael Clarkson over at Critical Distance has written an excellent compilation of thoughts on BioShock's story and morality, which is well worth the read if you've ever played (or are interested in playing) the game.

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My Office, June 2009

I may have mentioned my office before with it's great views and location close to a beach. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is (taken with my phone):

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