I Have James Bond's Phone From "Casino Royale"

Yep, you see it on screen for about 4 seconds, and I have the same model. It goes with my Aston Martin :-)

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I can buy a fingerprint detector for my computer, but I've still got to fasten my foot covering with rope.

And even though I've learnt a possibly useful skill - tying a knot - there's no application for my hard-won talent in normal day-to-day life.

Knot tying is not cool. The only knot I know, the one I use to tie my foot rigging, is called a "granny knot". Not cool. If you can count to two, you can also tie a "double knot". Also not cool.

I say: Shoelaces are crap. Banish shoelaces and analog clocks, and make kids the world over happier.

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The Life and Times of Two-Year-Old Heath

Heath is actually close to 3, but anyway, here it is: Play, eat, hyper, sleep :-)



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