Movie Review: Wolverine

No spoilers: I'm not going to give anything away plot-wise in this post...but you may not like what you read if you haven't seen the movie. Your call.

If, like me, you've been expectantly waiting to be blown away by the blockbuster movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (here's the very snick-snicky movie site, and the IMDB link), I can report: the movie will blow you away.

Wolverine is a movie with big action sequences and is ultimately enjoyable to watch, but it has a number of problems. Foremost, I found the plot convoluted; the movie contains too many "strike a pose" moments (thanks Garry for putting words to that condition!); and some of the actors are unconvincing.

It has it's good points: Liev Schreiber is a great Sabretooth, and Danny Huston is a menacing Colonel Stryker. Some of the key moments in Wolverine's story, like his long life, the Weapon X facility and losing his memory, are done well.

But - aside from the plot - there's too many pointless cameos and the special effects at times look cheap. Both Hugh Jackman's love interest Kayla and fellow mutant Gambit are flat. The final confrontation was confusing. Hugh Jackman is good, but the disconnect for me is that it's almost like Wolverine is the mature, team-player Wolverine from after X-Men 3, rather than the rougher, more dangerous version from 10-15 years before (when this movie is set).

Like all Hollywood adaptations, there has to be compromises. I'm not a comic fan so I can't say how the Hollywood adaptation of Wolverine differs from the original story, but even for me some things just felt wrong. Dark Knight, Iron Man, Watchmen and the original X-Men 1 & 2 all rate far above this one for me.

My final score: 6 out of 12.

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