I Have a Little Wind

...but not that sort, honestly.

Under my desk at work, there's a little wind that blows. Not that sort! I can't figure out where the little wind comes from, but it's making my legs cold.

Speaking of wind, yesterday (April 26th) had a little wind too (data from the Bureau of Meteorology):

That's the highest 3:00PM wind for the month, and the lowest 3:00PM temperature for the month.

Perhaps that sort of little wind would help to keep me warm?

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One Movie Each

There's five people in our family, which means we can borrow one movie each from the local video shop (who conveniently have a deal for five weekly movies for $7.95). I took the kids yesterday to choose, while Olivia read a book at home.

The kids made their choices, and I grabbed a movie for myself, but I was stuck finding one for Olivia. What had she seen? What chick flicks do we already own? What would she want to see? Decisions, decisions.

I ended up getting...well, here's how the conversation went after I returned home:

Me: I got the movies.
Olivia: Yeah, I noticed you didn't get anything for me.
Me: I didn't know what you wanted! But I thought you'd like to watch "Rambo" with me.
Olivia: I think I'll go to bed early.

I'm still no wiser for my next trip to the video shop to get one movie each. Maybe Olivia would like Rocky?

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I'm A Guitar Hero

I've been playing Guitar Hero: World Tour (Metacritic review (85), Wikipedia link) since Wifey gave it to me for Christmas. It's a fun rhythm-based family game for our new XBox 360, with no shooting or killing, and it's pretty easy to learn whether or not you know how to play guitar. Here's me, rockin' the Williams live concert arena:

GH:WT has beautiful graphics - the music is synchronised with the character animations, making it look like the singer is singing the lyrics, the guitarist is playing the exact guitar part, and so on - and a well-made wireless controller that's basically guitar size. A drum kit and microphone can also be purchased for the complete band experience. My advice is to wait for specials on the game though; at $160 plus (Australian) for just the guitar and game, it's not particularly cheap.

The real strength of the game is the great line-up of songs. Suprisingly, the songs I enjoy playing are "pop" from bands I'd mostly never heard of: for example, Tokio Hotel's Monsoon, 311's Beautiful Disaster, and Lazy Eye by Silver Sun Pickup (which sounds a lot like an old Breeders tune). There are over 80 songs in the game (here's the full track list at Fake Plastic Rock) including some Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, REM, and even Michael Jackson, so everyone's musical taste should be catered for.

Guitar Hero: World Tour is a must-have game if you've got an XBox 360 and like music. And an added bonus is hearing the kids say, after a hard song, "Dad, you rock!"

Links: Offical site, Fake Plastic Rock blog

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