LoadIt Redux: I've Stopped Singing Its Tune

I previously mentioned Sanity's LoadIt service back in October 2008, soon after it first launched.

I can now report it's a complete bust. After writing my earlier blog post, I signed up for the "subscription" option just in time to get an e-mail announcing that the service would be ceasing (hadn't it only just launched?), which was disappointing but had the unexpected benefit that I did not have to pay for the month.

What I realised after just 1 day into my month was that the "subscription" service only allowed me to rent the songs - after the subscription expired, I would not be able to listen to the tracks again unless I paid more money to "buy" them in DRMed, Windows Media Player-only format.

Towards the end of my free month, another e-mail arrived saying that LoadIt would continue. Great, I thought: I'll pay $1.69 for the tracks I like and have already used bandwidth downloading, burn them to a CD, and then discontinue the service and do whatever I like with my music.

The problems came when I tried to login to LoadIt and couldn't. I requested an automated new password and got one, only to still be greeted with the familiar "invalid password". After repeating this process 5 times for 5 new passwords over two weeks, I e-mailed LoadIt support to ask for access. Remember, I wanted to pay money...I wanted to continue to use the songs I already had.

There was, and still is, no response from LoadIt. I've done my best to remove it from my PC (here's some instructions if you want to try it too). I think I sent LoadIt at least 3 e-mails, none of which were answered. Login is still broken. I even tried the sneak way of trying to create a new user - and received an ASP.NET error from the site.

It may sound like I'm being overly negative, but LoadIt is a complete bust, and I guess if it folded and then re-opened after only a couple of months operation, I must not be the only person having trouble with it (remember, it's Australia-wide and connected to a large music chain).

Is there a better way? Or is it back to buying good ole' CDs for me?

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