I Consider Myself...

Here's a list of some of the things I consider myself:

  • a man
  • a husband
  • an Australian
  • a Christian
  • a nerd
  • a Victorian
  • a games player
  • a white collar worker
  • a Collingwood supporter

There's probably a lot more - this is just what came to mind on a Friday afternoon. Now, the real question is, if I had to put them in order, what order would they be in? And what does this say about me right now?

Being a Christian is a big part of my identity. So is being an Australian - I can identify with other Aussies. I'm a dad and a husband, which affects what my priorities are and who I hang around with the most. And I’m a man, so I’m not sensitive and can only do one thing at a time (and nothing when the TV’s on)...something you should know if you’re talking to me :-)

Here's the order that I came up with today: an Australian first, a Christian next, a man, a Dad, a husband, followed by all the rest at equal 6th (next week the order might be different, though).

What about you? What do you consider yourself first?

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