The Perfect Morning Tea, for Me and the Kids

The perfect morning tea is sitting down to skim over the paper with a cup of coffee - of course with my beautiful wife and kids.

Marita's list of "11 tips for taking the kids out to a coffee shop" over at Aussie blog QuitYourDayJob is a practical reference for my perfect morning tea, from thinking ahead to what the kids might order, to dealing with the clean-up, to my favorite tip (tip number 10) on attitude:

Taking a child out to a coffee shop should not be about you enjoying your nice hot cup of coffee (no matter how tempting that is). Taking a child out to a coffee shop is about enjoying an experience with the child, letting them take a peek into the grown up world and play at being grown up themselves. It should be fun for both of you, if it is not fun then do something else you will both enjoy because life is short.

The perfect way to approach the perfect morning tea!

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