The Perfect Morning Tea, for Me and the Kids

The perfect morning tea is sitting down to skim over the paper with a cup of coffee - of course with my beautiful wife and kids.

Marita's list of "11 tips for taking the kids out to a coffee shop" over at Aussie blog QuitYourDayJob is a practical reference for my perfect morning tea, from thinking ahead to what the kids might order, to dealing with the clean-up, to my favorite tip (tip number 10) on attitude:

Taking a child out to a coffee shop should not be about you enjoying your nice hot cup of coffee (no matter how tempting that is). Taking a child out to a coffee shop is about enjoying an experience with the child, letting them take a peek into the grown up world and play at being grown up themselves. It should be fun for both of you, if it is not fun then do something else you will both enjoy because life is short.

The perfect way to approach the perfect morning tea!

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Walkerville Holiday, Summer 2009

Our little family packed up and headed off to an awesome holiday last week at Walkerville in south Gippsland (here is is on a map), close to Wilsons Promontory in the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park.

We camped with Olivia's parents in the local caravan park and were blessed with beautiful weather all week. It was the perfect location for a summer holiday - virtually on the beach, with lots and lots of rock pools to explore and a little bit of small surf for the kids to play around in, and close to Wilsons Prom.

Olivia and Heath resting on an evening walk:

The kids exploring rock pools during low tide:

Maya's "artwork" (putting sand on a boulder) at Whiskey Bay:

Here's one of my favorite pics, of the craggy, mysterious silhouette of Wilsons Prom about 20 kilometres distant in the dusk light (there's a couple more scenic shots at my Flickr account):

Wilsons Prom pink sunset from Walkerville, January 2009

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The Family, January 2009

Here's a couple of pics taken over summer of the family:

Olivia helping Maya with play-doh, making "ice creams" at our house. It's a bit hard to see, but the toys are set up on Olivia's new craft table - a $20 bargain at a local garage sale, sanded and varnished by Olivia.

Heath wasn't interested in the rabbit and guinea pig petting area at Myuna Farm (neither was TJ), so he found a tractor ride which he sat happily on for about 20 minutes while Maya and Olivia patted the animals.

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Maya Is 5

Our beautiful daughter Maya turned 5 today. She got her first birthday present a week ago though - a painful gift but one she'd been looking forward to for a long time (and her mother, for longer):

Apparently Maya was very brave at the beauty salon. There were no tears, and she didn't even say "Ow".

Maya is a constant source of laughter in our house who grows more beautiful every day. She is an individual with lots of "spunk" who's danced, drawn and cuddled her way into being a very important part of the family. We're all excited about how big she is, going to school this year!

Happy Birthday Maya!

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