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If, like me, you live Down Under and don't have access to some US-based music services like Pandora or even Amazon music downloads, then you might like LoadIt.

LoadIt is a music download service which sells tracks at $1.69 each (or, for $29 a month, you can download 300 songs a month). I haven't bought any tracks yet - but I'm loving the 14-day trial where you can download up to 300 free songs (that stop playing after the trial period).

LoadIt uses evil Digital Rights Management ("DRM") which basically means when you buy the songs, you can only play them on a couple of PC's using Windows Media Player, and it works with Windows only as far as I can tell. It's advantage is that it's tightly integrated with Windows Media Player: songs you already own are marked "already in library", you can search using the familiar WMP interface, and the catalog of over 1 million songs is browsable by the recognisable album, artist, year, genre and more:

I hope this service gradually loses DRM and increases the size of the library. At $29 a month - less than 2 full-price CDs - it might be worth it.

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Beach Weather In Victoria, In Spring

Thanks to a warm month of September and October, beach weather has started early:

Here TJ and Maya are exploring the rock pools at low tide (along with some alarmingly green slimy seaweed). Heath's not far away, throwing rocks into the water, while Olivia and I are just enjoying the sun.

Bring on summer!

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Our House 1 Year on...

We've had our house for 1 whole year today! Even "I Love You Hugs" has been painted over now, and we're left with only one room that's "smurf blue".

In that time we've done both the cheap renovations - painting, the occasional new fittings - and we've made a few major changes - skylight, dishwasher - to make the home truly ours.

The whole time I've remembered the old saying, "The only reward for a job well done is more work to do"!

Related: See what the house used to look like here or read my "5 Lessons Learned from Buying a First Home" blog post from a year ago.

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My Music Collection

"Music is what feelings sound like." - Author Unknown

I love music. I'm the sort of person that always has a song playing in my head. I would describe most of my collection as honest, skillful tunes but I also appreciate a boppy, catchy beat. Some songs make me cry (not telling which ones!) while others invigorate me.

I think it was Robert Smith of The Cure who once said that the music you listen to in your twenties is the music you love most. I'm finding this increasingly to be true: I'd rather get an album that I *loved* a while back, than take a chance on a so-so new album.

So I proudly present an interesting chart from the free "WTF Music Info" app, showing my top 25 artists by number of songs:

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