Batman (aka TJ) Turns 7

TJ turned 7 the other day. He's really grown up and helps fight crime - as can be seen from his "Batman" photoshoot above!

The thing that made me most proud was how well TJ handled himself through his multiple birthday celebrations. He had 5 hand-picked friends help him celebrate with a bowling party which went really well, as well as going out for breakfast, having relatives around for dessert and his cousins and Nanna & Poppy around for dinner.

For his birthday he got lots of cool gifts like Lego and Star Wars things and an X-Box game as well as his Batman costume.

Happy Birthday Biggest Boy!

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Heath is Two!

Heath turned two today. It's now officially impossible to think of him as a "baby"!

He got some cool toys and even blew out his own candles on his cake, and has been surprising us with his words today - he can now say "car" (as opposed to "bar"), he can say how old he is (a breathy "t-hooo") and patiently waits while you decode other words he has an attempt at.

What a big kid! Happy Birthday Heath!

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Pocket Money for a 5 and 7 Year-Old

TJ's nearly 7 and Maya's nearly 5, and Olivia and I are starting to think about pocket money.

I believe the bottom line needs to be that pocket money is more about teaching kids about money than about a handout or a fee for services rendered. GetRichSlowly has some good coverage at Using an Allowance to Teach Kids About Money and The Last Word on Kids and Cash has a slightly different take.

I can see the advantage of pocket money being dependant on chores, but I personally feel that kids should help out and do the day-to-day tasks like tidying rooms and setting the table without having to be "bribed".

I'll report back in a few weeks when we've got this thing ironed out.

Aside: Yep, I'm back. My three-month break became a one-month power break where I rested three times as hard :-)

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