Life Changes


Last week I turned 35! I reckon this is a big thing; I figure I'm about half way and seem to remember I had planned a couple of things (like a cholesterol test) for when I reached this "milestone". Must book that...

Olivia and the kids really treated me to a great week off last week and took me out for my birthday. Thanks for everyone's well-wishes via cards, e-mail and Facebook.

I don't know if it's a cultural thing or a coping mechanism, but I don't typically spend much time thinking about death. Apart from my birthday, a couple of other things have conspired to make me feel philosophical - I finished the excellent little book Tuesdays With Morrie with a tear in my eye as I read the conclusion, and just today read via Rodney about a young woman who now faces life without her husband at "News from the Great Beyond". I was filling out life insurance forms the other day and contemplating writing a "living will" too. All of which allowed me to spend a little time thinking about life changes and death.

Perhaps I'll put some thoughts together in another post...

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