Are Video Games Manly?

As I talk to my adult friends, I find that less and less of them grew up in a home that had video games.

In the 1980's my family bought an Intellivision which must have been an expensive purchase back then. That introduced me to the wonder of games, which I've enjoyed on the Commodore 64, the Amiga, the PC, the PlayStation and most recently the XBox.

The Art of Manliness blog is asking "Are Video Games Manly?" (go on, vote!)

I reckon video games are "manly", although currently voting at the site is pretty evenly split. Here's why I cast my vote for "yes": I don't have a problem with video games and resist the notion that they're just for kids and teens. As with all entertainment, there's healthy use and there's obsession - you can't let something control you, whether it's movies, cartoons, comic books, sports TV, web browsing or video games.

On an interactivity scale, books would be at one end as least interactive, TV and movies in the middle, and video games (ideally) at the other end. However, in the imagination stakes, books force you to be a lot more creative to give life to the characters and setting (and everyone is free to imagine their own version) where TV, movies and video games serve up their own already fully-developed vision.

So it's important to have a mix, to realise the strengths and weaknesses of different entertainment media, and to also question what you're reading or viewing. Personally, I feel that video games are a valid part of that mix for adults - men or women - and should not be seen as merely toys or games for kids.

What do you think?

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