They Said

Some funny things were said recently that I just had to write down. Hopefully they're not too incriminating - I think they're just plain funny:

A couple of weeks ago we drove past a sign advertising the Australian band "Kisschasy", playing on the following Friday night at a certain pub. I mentioned that the name "Kisschasy" was a cool name for a band. Olivia said "I thought they were playing the game kiss chasy!"

TJ and Maya made a Mother's Day card for my Mum (Grandma). TJ was pretty proud of his work, and after finishing it, said "Grandma's going to go freaky with love when she sees this!"

Maya told this brief story at the dinner table: "Oma (Olivia's Grandma) went skydiving but she needed someone to catch her because she's too old". Being "too old" is the underlying cause of a lot of things, according to Maya's logic.

Of course Heath doesn't want to be left out of the whole speaking thing and is able to say some pretty tricky words, like "raspberry", "apple" and "lightning". His favorite word is "No", usually accompanied by brisk head shaking to accentuate it. His newest words are "K" (for "OK") and "Yes". He can nod his head too, but sometimes it overbalances him!

Just to show that I'm unbiased, here's a dumb story with me in it:
Recently I was trying to tell Olivia about a recent comic strip I'd read on "Basic Instructions". I mucked the whole thing up and ended with a mumbled "...I guess you had to be there". Olivia suggested I needed a new comic strip: "How to tell your wife a funny joke".

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