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Amanda at Blogger Buster is running a competition to elicit feedback on the most wanted new features for the free blog platform Blogger (which my blog, and hers, and millions more run on).

Blogger is owned by Google and is one of the top 4 blog platforms - depending on which survey you believe - along with TypePad, Wordpress, and Moveable Type. It would be too easy to look at those competitors and suggest new features for Blogger based on the competitor's existing features, so:

My suggestion is for Blogger to allow users to easily include one of the popular Javascript libraries, like Prototype, jQuery or MooTools, and then produce templates developed for them specially.

Google already host the latest versions of those libraries (announced in May 2008), so it would just be a case of the left hand talking to the right hand :-)

If you're into web development and you haven't played with one of these libraries, I suggest heading over to JQuery (or see the stunning demo page) immediately and seeing the future!

Blogger Buster Competition Announcement

Links: AJAX Libraries API at Google Code, Blogger Buster post, JQuery

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1 Response to "New Features for Blogger Competition"

Amanda said... Friday, June 27, 2008 9:27:00 PM

Thank you for your entry to the Blogger Wishlist competition, Thomas. This is an excellent idea and would add so much functionality to our templates!

From what I understand, Google have added many new scripts which we can access through the API without having to host these ourselves. I haven't used this functionality myself yet, though I hope this means it may be integrated into Blogger in the future :)

I've added your entry to the list of entrants and wish you the best of luck in Friday's draw for the winners.

Best wishes,


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