Interesting Link Summary, May 2008

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In my reading I come across lots of links. Some are work-related, and many from my "Personal/Faith" folder are often thought-provoking, funny, strange, eyebrow-raising (like Frank 1, at right), or just plain "interesting".

Here's my most interesting links from May 2008:
  • Call To Arms 2008, where JC outlines his laugh-out-load idea for a new Wii game
  • Inside Facebook blog describes how Facebook can now import feeds from YouTube, Google Reader and others, in addition to existing and Flickr feed import
  • PM Pilgrim shares a funny Dutch advertisement from YouTube
  • ParentHacks points out an Amazon sale on Pixar DVDs - my wife confirmed that we already owned all of them anyway
  • "The Manival" on Art of Manliness blog includes a few thought-provoking links for husbands and dads, including the interesting list of 20 kinds of dads
  • Get Rich Slowly links to an amazing article and accompanying graph on the spending of the average American household
  • Some weight training techniques I have used recently at the gym, found when researching "progressive resistance" during my lunchtime reading
  • Bohemian Rhapsody on classical guitar on YouTube

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