Interesting Link Summary, May 2008

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In my reading I come across lots of links. Some are work-related, and many from my "Personal/Faith" folder are often thought-provoking, funny, strange, eyebrow-raising (like Frank 1, at right), or just plain "interesting".

Here's my most interesting links from May 2008:
  • Call To Arms 2008, where JC outlines his laugh-out-load idea for a new Wii game
  • Inside Facebook blog describes how Facebook can now import feeds from YouTube, Google Reader and others, in addition to existing and Flickr feed import
  • PM Pilgrim shares a funny Dutch advertisement from YouTube
  • ParentHacks points out an Amazon sale on Pixar DVDs - my wife confirmed that we already owned all of them anyway
  • "The Manival" on Art of Manliness blog includes a few thought-provoking links for husbands and dads, including the interesting list of 20 kinds of dads
  • Get Rich Slowly links to an amazing article and accompanying graph on the spending of the average American household
  • Some weight training techniques I have used recently at the gym, found when researching "progressive resistance" during my lunchtime reading
  • Bohemian Rhapsody on classical guitar on YouTube

You can check out more of my links at

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Caravan Of Courage, Still Sucks

For once I'm not watching a movie with the wife and kids. Why? Because they're watching the truly awful Star Wars Ewok Adventure Caravan of Courage.

Yep. It still sucks after all these years.

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How come we've reached this fork in the road, and yet it cuts like a knife?

Flight of the Conchords - I'm Not Crying

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Happy Mothers Day!

"Power Flower" by Dawn Endico
To all the Mums in my life - Olivia (mother of my children and best friend), Mum (who is always there to talk to), Marijke (a great mother-in-law and Nanna to the kids), Gran, Oma and everyone else - Happy Mothers Day!

My Mum is going away, and we're having lunch with Olivia's Mum and family on Sunday, right after Olivia's Oma goes skydiving!

Because Sunday is looking busy, Olivia has asked that we go out for breakfast for her next week, which is probably smart: on Mothers Day itself there's a set breakfast that's slightly more expensive.

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