Going Back to Where Mum Grew Up

On the weekend we went for a lovely drive to the Kyneton/Gisborne/Macedon area (known as the Macedon Ranges) about an hour north of Melbourne, which is where my Mum grew up.

Mum and Dad came with us and shared kid duty, and Mum had lots to tell. She showed us her high school (listed with the National Trust), the old hospital in the middle of demolition - the bits that weren't heritage listed, places that houses used to be, the cemetery, and a lovely park with a walk along the Campaspe river. She told us about riding her bike to school when she was 5, being taught to swim by her uncle, blowing out window panes in a science experiment, and how everything seemed so much bigger when she was growing up.

Amazingly, all the towns had their own look and feel. Kyneton was a nice town with lots of bluestone and historical properties, Mt. Macedon had a brilliant view of the city and wooded, winding roads and Gisborne, where Mum lived as a teenager, seemed much greener and shadier.

It was definitely a great time of year to go for a drive. There's plenty of trees ranging in color from yellow through to red and green, and the air was cool but the sun was still warm. You could see the drought's effects particularly in Kyneton.

All in all it was a great day. I wish I'd taken more photos (there are some on my Flickr), perhaps visited a winery or spa, and had more time!

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