What Are You Training For?

I remember some time ago talking to someone I knew about me starting personal training. He asked me an interesting question that I had no answer to.

"What are you training for?"

His pragmatic view was that the only way he'd ever do the same thing, or go to a gym or start running, was if it served some ultimate purpose.

I didn't have an ultimate purpose in mind at the time (and still don't, apart from keeping me off my fat butt), but if I had my wits about me I would've snapped back with this oh-so-clever remark that I just thought of :-)

"When you have a cigarette, what are you training for?"

Buuuut, If I took this seriously, I'd have to ask myself also (complete the sentence) "When I use Facebook...", or "When I eat that 4th Tim Tam..." or "When I sleep in..."

Oh oh. What am I training for?

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