Visiting my Bro in Newcastle

Last weekend I was lucky enough to travel up to Newcastle, visiting my brother Nathan, nephew Isaiah and niece Hannah.

They live about 30 minutes from Newcastle itself, in an area that's bordering on being "the country". There's a couple of really nice things about this area; the sub-tropical climate (bring on the hot weather - I love it!), how close it is to the Hunter Valley wineries, and of course the picturesque countryside.

Better than the location though, was actually spending time with my family. I hadn't seen Nathan for almost a year, and it was great to chat, have a couple of cold ones, and be "Uncle Tom" while playing with the kids.

Nathan is my "little bro". He and I were quite close growing up even though he's the youngest and I'm the oldest, and like me, he's always up for a chat. We even enjoy similar music and movies. While I was up there last weekend, he kicked my butt at Trivial Pursuit, did more push-ups in one go than I can do in one day, and showed me a thing or two on his guitar. He also let me read a few comic books. Can you guess his favorite comic-book character?

Isaiah is getting to be a big boy who loves playing with trucks and digging (just like his Grandpa), and Hannah was absolutely gorgeous - I'm sure she smiled for the whole time I was up there :-)

I'm grateful that Olivia let me go. All in all, a great holiday.

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Livvi Pivvi said... Friday, November 30, 2007 3:52:00 PM

Hugs - you are always welcome, and encouraged to visit your family, where ever they may be!! Family are so important, and you don't get to choose them, so go and enjoy them!!!

Good job visiting them!! i am glad that your time was so enjoyable, and from all accounts, they were really blessed by your visit, as you were by visiting!

Love you!

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