The Tastiest Hand Cut Cajun Wedges on the Mornington Peninsula

I think Gold Class Cinemas, Karingal, is the only place anyone would ever spend $11 on a small bowl of glorified chips. Here's the exact description from the menu:

hand cut cajun spiced potato wedges, a side of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Sounds perfect, hmmm? But wait till you see what's printed on the receipt - "FAT FRIES"!

These must be the tastiest hand cut cajun wedges on the Mornington Peninsula, because they're the most expensive :-)

It's like they've sucked you into the Twilight Zone of high expectations. Just because I can lay back in my seat, and be able to call for food and drink anytime I want, must mean I want to pay handsomely for it.

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1 Response to "The Tastiest Hand Cut Cajun Wedges on the Mornington Peninsula"

livvi pivvi said... Friday, November 30, 2007 3:45:00 PM

I don't know about tastiest, but certainly most overrated!! I reakon the cafe chips from aldi are the best....

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