Phillip Island Holiday

Olivia and kids at Forest Caves beach October 2007Last week our little family had a well-needed break at Phillip Island.

The weather was typical Phillip Island in spring - cold and rainy, with occasional bouts of sunshine - so we came prepared and got out and about.

The happy snap at left shows Olivia and the kids "staying out of the water" at Forest Caves beach, about 15 minutes before a thunderstorm (the kids loved it).

Phillip Island is a magnificent place for getting up close to wildlife. We got to see penguins, koalas, pelicans, wild geese, cows, working dogs, a mother duck and 3 ducklings, and baby seagulls (which are actually cute), among other things.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip (recommended); sitting out in the pouring rain in the best seats in the house to watch the Little Penguins was priceless; and being able to read the paper every day made for a relaxing couple of days off.

Thanks Wifey for organising the holiday!

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