Movie Review: Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

I'm going to be brutal: the second Fantastic Four movie, Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer (official site, IMDB, Amazon), lacks oomph.

The start is slow. The whole first 20-30 minutes, up until the wedding of Sue Storm and Reed Richards, could have been removed. Far too much of the "witty banter" between characters that made the first film funny and sharp consisted of subtle sexual innuendo - even though this is a PG-rated film - and as a result, the jokes started feeling forced by the end of the movie.

The PG rating does make sense however, as the story is very simplistic and the characters seem very one-dimensional. Maybe I've been spoilt by the multi-layered Spiderman or more adult X-Men movies.

Getting back to the task at hand...the final battle takes place in about 20 minutes at the end of the film, with what I felt was a fairly rushed lead up. Throughout the movie, the military is more decisive and starts trying to protect the planet from imminent doom faster than the Fantastic Four (who are forced to basically follow orders...aren't they meant to be superheros?). And the personal issues about leading a "normal life" facing the nearly-weds seem petty against a backdrop of a world-devouring creature who the Silver Surfer has lead to Earth.

This is a short (90 or so minutes) film that will barely satisfy fans of the first movie only (namely, me) - I would rate it 2 out of 12.

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