A logical look at the Circle of Friendship

Is there any way to let people know where they fit in the circle of friendship?

I reckon that in general, people know where they stand in relationships. Maybe this is even reciprocated - that is, the people who you think are "close", also think you are "close".

You get together with "close" friends (your inner circle) all the time, have them round for dinner, and give them a phone call from time to time. Other friends (the circle outwards) don't quite get that treatment but don't expect it either. "Aquaintances" have their own "close" and other friends to manage and are happy to catch up from time to time.

If only it were this simple, all worked out by a logical guy like me :-)

I've caused problems where I didn't understand what circle I was in with someone else, or didn't know how to convey to someone what they should expect from me based on what sort of friend I considered them. Doh!

Time to go back to the drawing board to think up a way to let people know where they are...

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