Heath Is 1

Heath turned 1 year old last week. What a big boy!

I've learnt from experience that first birthday parties are more for the adults than kids. We had a big fun day planned, starting with breakfast for Father's Day, followed by a get-together of Heath's friends, and then family from both sides over for cake and afternoon tea. Lastly, if we had room for it, Olivia's parents were staying for dinner.

Heath himself was pretty tired on the day and was in and out of bed. He enjoyed playing outside in the spring sunshine, and with his new cars and trucks, but was not interested in the cake at all. Like I said, the 1st party is more for the adults, so I ate his piece :-)

Here's some fun photos Olivia took of Heath - always on the move - from a couple of days before his birthday (see more at my Flickr account):

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