Father's Day

I'm more than happy to not make a big deal of Father's Day. I hate the fact that everyone (from Tandy to Toys'R'Us, it seems) has a sale and the emphasis is on buying, rather than a simple acknowledgment of Dads. I feel really fortunate to have a great wife and three fantastic kids, as well as a Dad that I love a lot. Father's Day is just one of the days of the year that we can say these things out loud.

The day itself is always going to be a bit of a non-event in our house as we have Heath's birthday on the 3rd and TJ's birthday on the 7th of September. Suits me just fine!

So we had a simple Father's Day yesterday, starting with a few pressies from the kids. I love the amount of thought that goes into hand-made gifts or simple bought gifts. I scored some beautiful cards from Maya, a stubby holder from TJ, some much-needed socks and a book - all this, just for being a Dad :-)

Then we were off to the Pancake Parlour for family breakfast with my Mum and Dad. Mmmm...

The rest of the day was preparing for and enjoying Heath's 1st birthday party (more on this, later).

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