Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time

The other day I was standing outside my work, next to a busy road, waiting for my beautiful wife to collect me to go home. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and a man was walking along the path towards me.

I noticed that, as he came closer, the man was practicing punching and jabbing the air in front of him. I think at this stage I gripped my mobile phone tighter. I'm definitely not a fighter, but I've been told I look intimidating enough so that I reckon most people will stay away from me.

I wasn't worried (I'm sure that's what I told myself!)

The punching man stopped in front of me. Perhaps I was a little cautious at this stage. He asked if I had a light. I don't smoke, I told him.

Then, perhaps in a stroke of Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time, I asked him about his punching and mentioned (at the same time) that I had been taking Thai Boxing classes too!

I don't think that he was going to beat me up, but I felt a little safer that he knew...

We talked a bit about uppercuts, crosses and hooks, he told me he wasn't crazy, and then he went on his way.

I wonder if I looked worried to him :-)

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