Us, Winter 2007

I love winter in Victoria, most likely because that's when my birthday is :-)

Winter is cold (it was 7 degrees this afternoon, before it started hailing) and although we don't live too near the bay, I reckon we still get a sea breeze which keeps the temperature down. The roof of the car is icy some mornings. Your nose starts running if you spend too long outside.

Although outside the air is icy and fresh, inside we have a gas wall heater and a wood log heater in two different rooms to keep our house warm. The kids like to sit in front of the gas wall heater in the mornings. At night, the wood log heater is perfect for sitting in front of to watch TV (or even toasting marshmallows).

With shorter days and clear, crisp nights we've done a lot of sitting inside in front of the fire and TV at nights, or playing our latest acquisition Settlers of Catan (a boardgame). We first played Settlers with friends at their house, and within a couple of weeks had our own copy of the game. It's addictive and simple to play, and works best with more than two players but can be adapted for only 2. Olivia and I play have played it frequently; the only downside is that Olivia keeps winning!

The photo above is me and the kids - TJ, Maya and Heath - spinning on the chair at my desk. Heath pulls himself up to standing but is not quite walking. Maya started 3-year-old kinder today which was very exciting. TJ wrote Olivia and I a card the other day all by himself, and is loving school.

Well, that's a quick wrap-up of us in winter!

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Anonymous said... Wednesday, July 25, 2007 4:18:00 PM

I think that it is great that Olivia keeps winning - after all she is an amazing person and all.... (might be biased and big noting myself, I mean someone else!!)

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