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Recently I needed to contact customer service for three different companies. The first was for a monthly magazine subscription that had not arrived. The next was for an internet order that had not arrived (nor had I been charged for it), but I had placed an order on the company's website 8 weeks before. The last one was an online purchase where I'd entered a voucher code but I had not been given a discount.

I was amazed that in two of the three cases, I sent multiple e-mails to which I got no response. In the case of the magazine subscription, the missing issue arrived on my doorstep a week after the second e-mail with no explanation. In the case of the rebate, a similar thing happened - the money was refunded into my account after two e-mails, and I never got a response.

A Breakthrough
For the last one (the product I thought I'd ordered), I actually phoned, and got great service. The company checked to see if they could find my order, they apologised when they figured out that they lost the order, and finally they took my details over the phone and sent out the goods.

It makes me wonder if I got good customer service in the first two cases. They did what I asked, but left me with a bad taste in my mouth because there was zero communication back. I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong (like lose the magazine or not enter the voucher code), but I don't really know. The phone approach worked in one case but I had been on the phone with one of the other companies, and they insisted they'd "call me back" (which they never did) - so it can't just be the phone...can it?

Still Not Happy
In summary, I feel a little jibbed by my recent customer service experiences. Not enough to complain back to the companies themselves (because technically they did the right thing), but enough to need to vent on my blog :-)

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Rodney Olsen said... Thursday, July 26, 2007 4:28:00 PM

I'd complain via a thank you note. Something to the effect of:

"Just a short note of thanks for attending to my concerns regarding .... While I was very surprised and disappointed that no one from your company took the time to reply to me, even after ... emails, I was very pleased for the reimbursement."

Thomas said... Friday, July 27, 2007 2:36:00 PM

Thanks Rodney, that sounds like a constructive way to deal with the sort of situations I described.

It's not a major deal, I'm trying to let go of the issue, but I'm glad I posted it and got your helpful advice...

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