Making photos look like film

Last week the Lifehacker blog pointed to a cool article on "How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop".

I've only got the free photo editor Paint.NET but I had a go, and here's one of the results:

This is my brother Dave...well, at least what he might look like in a dark film?

You can check out this and other images at my Flickr page.

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"Try turning off your router, your modem, and your computer"

I often laugh at Dilbert, and even more often fail to get a laugh out of Olivia when trying to explain a Dilbert strip :-)

May 11th's strip was exceptionally funny. Because I'm pretty sure it's not right to reprint it here, I've written out part of the strip - you'll have to go to the site to see the comic itself:

"Dogbert's Tech Support"
[Dogbert is sitting at a desk with a headset on, talking to a caller to his Help Desk]
Dogbert: Try turning off your router, your modem, and your computer.
Now try turning off your air conditioning, your lights, and your water heater...
Hee hee hee...

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New Elliott Smith Album

A new posthumous album from one of my favorite artists, Elliott Smith, is soon to be released called New Moon (Amazon link). Elliott Smith committed suicide in 2003, and New Moon is a collection of demos from the mid-1990's, probably his most memorable time.

Perhaps I was in a morbid mood because I actually laughed when I read this short review on Here's my favorite bits:

These 24 tracks, recorded during the late Elliott Smith’s mid-’90s peak, capture the bruised troubadour in full bloom: a mostly unheard mix of drug ballads, defeated love songs and tart character studies of fellow broken souls, some of which match all but his greatest...New Moon sounds less like a pile of outtakes than an official album released in a parallel universe—one where Smith managed to dodge the reaper and keep on singing...
Even the title of the review strikes me as funny: "Mopey tunesmith amazes from beyond the grave".

Maybe Elliott Smith isn't winning any new fans - given the ending to his story - but this new album will keep an old fan (me) happy for a while to come.

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