Blogging the Airshow, Part 2

As mentioned, I volunteered for 3 days at the Australian International Airshow 2007. I kept a semi-diary for those couple of days - here's my first entry:

Thursday: I'm writing this by weak torchlight on the Thursday night before I start work at the Airshow, in my tent, camped at the Lara Recreation Reserve.

It's cooler now after today's mid-30 degrees (while I was sweating setting up my 5 man igloo tent by myself!) The tent goes slightly over the borders allocated on all sides but I don't think anyone's going to complain - one positive about having such a big tent is that I can stand up comfortably right in the middle.

This afternoon I enjoyed 4 F/A-18 Hornets flying in formation, sometimes right over the campsite, for about 30 minutes (we're about 8 kilometres from the Airshow). Often I could only hear the roar of the jets but could not see anything as they were obscured by the treeline...but a commercial flight out of Avalon a couple of hours later sounded tame by comparison :-)

It's only early but I need the sleep for a 6:00AM start tomorrow. And tomorrow evening's visitors...

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