Running for Buses

Lately I've been catching the bus to work. Public transport is pretty cheap and fairly direct for getting me to work - the bus stops right outside my house, and at the other end there's a short (probably around 12 minute) walk to work from the train station. 12 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to walk.

I hear some funny things on the bus and I see some strange goings on. For instance, I think that running for a bus that you may miss is strange. When I see people running for buses I chuckle - I think to myself that *I* would never run for a bus if there was a reasonable chance I was going to miss it!

Theoretically, I reckon the break-even point is probably 40/60 - if there was just a 40 percent chance I'd miss a bus (as in, I am most likely not going to miss it), I'd maybe jog or walk fast. Otherwise, I'd wait for the next bus and maintain my "cool".

I learnt the other day that this was just "theoretically" :-)

I lost track of the time and had less than 10 minutes, for what is a 12 minute walk to catch the bus on the way home. So, I ran for part of the way, and for the record, I jogged the last little part through crowded Frankston streets when I saw the bus had already arrived.

Then I sat there for 5 minutes before the bus left!

Now I don't think running for a bus is strange.

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