Blogging the Airshow, Part 1

This year I was fortunate enough to be a volunteer at the Australian International Airshow, held at Avalon Airport.

I initially contacted the Airshow in June '06, prompted by my interest in fighter planes, the fact that Olivia and I were planning on going to the Airshow anyway, and inspired by one of my co-workers who had volunteered for last year's Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

After being accepted in December '06 to the position of Main Gate Admissions, I was able to commit to working the 3 public days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As part of being a volunteer I would have meals & uniform provided, a free family pass, a free campsite and shuttle buses to and from the event.

Last weekend was the weekend of the Airshow, and it was fantastic. Working the Main Gate was interesting and different (even fun). Getting to see the sights and just hang around the Airshow was brilliant. And, on the last morning of the show (Sunday morning) I got to fulfil a childhood dream...

Stay tuned for more Airshow posts on what we saw, my experiences as a volunteer, and what I did Sunday morning (also see my Flickr set of photos).

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