TJ's First Day Of School

TJ started school today, February 1st 2007. Isn't he handsome?

Olivia got the day started right with a big feed of pancakes. TJ's Grandma came around to share in the excitement. And there were a few small teardrops at the school itself as our big boy started Prep, and Olivia, Maya, Heath and I piled into the car to leave him to get on with his first day.

TJ has been excited about school starting for months now. And the anticipation was rewarded with, by his account, a fantastic start to his Prep year. When I asked him tonight how his first day had gone, he said "Great", but immediately amended that to "Magnificent" (a word I hadn't heard him use before...he's already learnt something!)

I asked him if he'd made many new friends and he said he'd "get to that tomorrow". There are 5 or 6 kids from his kindergarten in Prep (although only 3 in his class), and that's who he played with today. The very first thing he reported to Olivia was about getting all the boys together to go and find his kinder friend Astrid in the playground.

All in all a momentous day for our eldest son and his parents! I was prepared to get all emotional (which would be unlike me), but seeing TJ take the whole thing in his stride and act like it was perfectly normal helped me cope :-)

And in the past, I'd thought Prep kids to be quite little, but I just can't stop thinking about how big our son is!

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