Free Pancake Lunch, on Shrove Tuesday

I had a great date today for lunch, thanks to my quick-thinking wife and local Christian radio station LightFM - a free lunch at Pancakes by the Bay in Frankston!

Olivia had won a competition yesterday. I think the competition went something like "Would you like a free lunch in Frankston?", and Olivia won by quickly ringing in and answering "Yes" :-)

We got to meet radio presenters Luke Holt, Leroy Brown and Chandelle Nugent, and we were welcomed at the door by Susie, also a LightFM employee. I wasn't too embarassed during conversation to say I didn't always listen to LightFM (which is true), only to have Luke Holt reply "neither do I".

In addition to the great (free!) meal of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and time out with my wife, we also knew some of the other competition winners...small world! And, to top it all off, there were a couple of guys from a group called A440 (not sure about the exact spelling) who got up and sang a song acapella, with awesome harmonising. Well done guys!

I can be honest at this point and say that I'm not the greatest fan of LightFM, but then I don't listen to radio at all so I can't point to another station that is better. I really do appreciate that LightFM is a "safe" option when there's little kids listening. I guess I find breakfast shows on some other stations offensive, not because of the humour, but because of the innuendo - I don't need my 5-year-old and 3-year-old listening to and saying that kind of stuff.

Thank you Olivia, and thank you LightFM!

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