Comet McNaught

It will be possible for another week or so to see Comet McNaught (Wikipedia entry) in the southern hemisphere. Wilson has some instructions, and if you can't see it for yourself, there's photos at Flickr and Astronomy Picture of the Day. I won't reproduce any of the photos here, but they're worth checking out (my little digital camera wouldn't be able to capture it well enough anyway).

Olivia & I were able to spot it last week thanks to Olivia's dad Ted, helped along by a cloud-obscured moon and being 2 hours out of Melbourne away from city lights. Since then, it's been overcast here in Melbourne so I haven't been able to show new school-kid TJ (pity).

The comet is really amazing. I remember getting up in the middle of the night back in the mid-eighties to see Hailey's Comet - fortunately, Comet McNaught is a little more accessible (and spectacular!)

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