Having Fun

On our recent holidays, Olivia snapped this great photo of the kids and her rolling around on the grass at Macrae. It's one of my favorite photos from 2006 because it captures a sense of "having fun".

Thanksfully Olivia recovered from the crushing chest and lower back injuries :-)

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Maya Turns 3

On January 1st, 2007, our beautiful daughter Maya Marijke turned three. This photo was taken a couple of days before Christmas 2006, but I had to post it anyway :-)

Happy Birthday Princess!

Speaking of which: instead of the usual "cheese" when smiling for photos, Maya now squeezes in "princess and fairies and barbies", which means lots of photos have her half-agape, in the middle of her sentence. It must be a girl thing!

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Phil Vischer's Blog

I recently stumbled on the blog of Phil Vischer, co-creator of VeggieTales (home page, Wikipedia entry).

Since a friend and I were just talking about VeggieTales' rise and fall last week, I thought I'd mention this link as Phil posts about his journey, the current U.S. NBC episodes of VeggieTales, bankruptcy, and more.

My kids love VeggieTales. We have 3 CDs and a couple of DVDs of their fun animations with a Christian message, so I was saddened to hear the news that the company had gone under in 2003 after making their big screen debut with "Jonah". Interesting to see what's happening recently and if VeggieTales still has the integrity it built up over all those years.

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Squid Eating

My friend Karl Kopp posts about his friend who, while in Korea, was treated to what must be a local delicacy of eating almost-dead squid. It's worth checking out the two small videos...gross!

It's amazing (and horrifying) watching the squid tentacles wriggle around on the plate and even use their suckers to avoid being lifted off. My brother Simon tells a great story about this very topic back in 2004 in his post "I ate (nearly) alive squid!".

I'm sorry, I may be have a fairly strong stomach, but this is on the list of foods I'm going to stay away from. And, like most meats, I'm sure that the name for the dish probably doesn't include the word squid, so I'm going to have to learn the name of the dish so I can avoid it...

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