The Dreaded Pink Eye

This is:

  1. the eyes of a man who is very, very angry
  2. the morning after a hard night on the turps (thanks Ian!)
  3. heavy metal fashion
  4. the guy from Star Wars...not Darth Vader...(thanks Honie!)
  5. me with conjunctivitus
If you answered (5), you are correct. Somehow I got conjunctivitis and am right now at home, staying away from people.

Or maybe I'm turning into a zombie - my doctor didn't think of that :-)

Anyway, I've started with some eye drops and the doctor says I can still go camping at Macrae this week, but warned that conjunctivitis is highly contagious so I'm doing my darnedest to ensure that the kids and wife don't pick it up.

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Merry Christmas 2006

Olivia and I want to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas. We hope you have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

I'm on holidays starting this week (finishing early January), so it might look a little quiet around this blog.

However in the real world, it'll be anything burt quiet, as we're going away camping for a couple of nights each to Macrae beach (on the Mornington Peninsula) and Paynesville, and on and around Christmas Day we'll be spending time with family, eating, giving and getting presents and generally celebrating this special time in a spiritual and communal sense.

Merry Christmas!

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Last weekend I visited my brother Simon in Perth. It was my first visit to Perth, and the city was absolutely beautiful, the weather was stunning, and it was great fun to stay with Simon and my nephew Samuel.

Simon and I talked so much both my lips and ears nearly fell off :-)

Simon is a thinking kind of guy and lots of the stuff we talked about has been swirling around in my head.

At one stage, we got to talking about moving houses and buying your own furniture and so on. I said that I'd observed in buying furniture (or a car, or clothes), first, you get what you can afford, then later you get what you want (I thought this was some very sage advice too).

Simon joked that he wanted to skip the whole "first" thing and go straight to he second. Joke's on him though, because whatever he starts with, becomes the "first"...he he...

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