Olivia's Weekend Away

A couple of weeks ago Olivia went away with the many girls in her extended family, to Queensland. She took Heath, which left me & the kids to have a "bachelor" weekend.

Olivia had a great time, aside from a few mix-ups with hotels. Her flights were good (she flew Virgin), and judging by the number of comments Heath was a delight. I've included a picture of him with Olivia's Oma here, because, well, I think he's gorgeous :-)

Meanwhile, down in Melbourne, you'd expect that things with TJ, Maya and I would be pretty low-key: take-away meals, half-washed clothes, late nights, kids unshaven. Yep. We also managed to go to the museum (sans camera), watch the very funny movie Over the Hedge, and get to the airport to meet Olivia. I figure three things in three days is doing pretty well.

I'm glad Olivia got to spend the weekend away having fun and relaxing, and catching up with family. We really missed her, and were very glad to have her back. I realised during her absence that she brings so much to our little family - I may have a lot of reasoning ability, but she has all the sense in the family.

Love you Wifey!

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