"It all gets mashed up in your tummy"

Disclaimer: Please don't read this while eating.

One thing I remember being told by my parents as a kid, when faced with food that looked "damaged" (e.g. a piece of cake that had fallen on it's side on the plate), or the fact that I didn't want my gravy on top of my potatoes but instead to the side, was "It all gets mashed up in your tummy".

Knowing my parents wouldn't lie to me, and seeing some proof out the other end that indeed everything gets mashed up, why is it that sometimes when you burp, you only burp up the taste of one component of your food?

For instance, if I eat salad and a roll and lemon pepper tuna, up to hours later, my burps will be lemon pepper tuna with not even a hint of the salad or roll. Cucumber is another thing that seems to haunt my oral blasts. Ditto any sort of medicine.

I reckon the organisation who comes up with a way to "burp the flavor of the food you really favor" (patent pending) will become the next Kraft or Hienz or Cadburys.

Additional disclaimer: I hope you didn't think this post was going to contain the answer. This is just another person asking the question :-)

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