Role Models for Girls - A Dad that doesn't get it

Often, as the father of a little girl, I just don't understand (and perhaps even scoff at) pretty "girly" things, princesses, and miniature ponies :-)

Particularly, I read a book to Maya the other night featuring short versions of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty back-to-back - the point of both stories was that the handsome prince came and married the beautiful, gentle and sweet-voiced princess after some spell had been cast on afore-mentioned princess.

Do all girls dream of being the (passive) princess that eventually marries the handsome prince? Where's the story about growing up to be the evil spell-caster? I bet they weren't sweet little girls when they were young!

I'm hopeful that Maya can have interests and role models that aren't so, well, mild mannered - I mean, boys get to be knights that slay dragons or Superman or army soldiers, right? Maybe I'm missing the point as a Dad. Do we have any Mums that can set me straight?

Recently I spotted a post at Parenthacks on books with a Favorite strong princess character. So it's time to go to the library (I can already second the vote for Pirate Girl - a pretty cool book).

I wonder what Maya will make of all this?


p.s. I had to be careful how I tagged/categorised this post (ended up not really tagging it at all) - "girl" can lead to some unsavoury results, same with "princess". Yeech.

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