Role Models for Girls - A Dad that doesn't get it

Often, as the father of a little girl, I just don't understand (and perhaps even scoff at) pretty "girly" things, princesses, and miniature ponies :-)

Particularly, I read a book to Maya the other night featuring short versions of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty back-to-back - the point of both stories was that the handsome prince came and married the beautiful, gentle and sweet-voiced princess after some spell had been cast on afore-mentioned princess.

Do all girls dream of being the (passive) princess that eventually marries the handsome prince? Where's the story about growing up to be the evil spell-caster? I bet they weren't sweet little girls when they were young!

I'm hopeful that Maya can have interests and role models that aren't so, well, mild mannered - I mean, boys get to be knights that slay dragons or Superman or army soldiers, right? Maybe I'm missing the point as a Dad. Do we have any Mums that can set me straight?

Recently I spotted a post at Parenthacks on books with a Favorite strong princess character. So it's time to go to the library (I can already second the vote for Pirate Girl - a pretty cool book).

I wonder what Maya will make of all this?


p.s. I had to be careful how I tagged/categorised this post (ended up not really tagging it at all) - "girl" can lead to some unsavoury results, same with "princess". Yeech.

How I Spent My Holidays

I've just returned to work from 3 weeks break after the arrival of the newest addition to the Williams family, Heath Evert. Only 150 e-mails, 2 phone messages and slightly over 2,000 blog posts were waiting for me, along with the obligatory 2 urgent things that needed to be done, as soon as possible!

Here's some of the fun and not-so-fun things I got to do.


  • Myuna Farm - we took the kids to Myuna Farm where there's animals to pet, walks, a playground, and pony rides. The weather was fine - overcast, but warmish - and we all had a ball. Maya showed no fear and especially loved feeding the animals, frequently waving some away so she could feed a particular one.
  • Ten-pin Bowling - one of TJ's kindergarten mates had a bowling birthday party, so Olivia, Maya and I booked an adjacent lane to play at the same time. I didn't think bowling could be that much fun!
  • TJ's birthday party - TJ turned 5 and we had a succession of celebrations - first was at kindergarten (where I got to do kinder duty too), then at a play centre, then at dinner, and lastly for a family party on the following Sunday. TJ was "so excited", and got lots of cool pressies too. What a big 5-year-old!
  • Catching up with Cameron - I caught up with one of my best buddies from primary school days, who I hadn't seen for 15 or so years. It was good reminiscing about old times and marvelling at the strange courses our lives had taken since he left my school at age 14. Amazingly, we live just down the road from each other and even have our kids enrolled at the same swimming school!

Not So Fun:
  • I went for a minor medical procedure and wasn't allowed to eat for a whole day. Nothing untoward was found, however.
  • My patience with the kids dipped a little on the holidays and I got pretty grumpy for a couple of days (not good). Olivia however showed near-infinite patience and I got back on track.
  • Families in our church have been affected by family members passing away. I am personally reminded of the famous quote(s) by John Donne:

     No man is an Island, entire of itself;
     every man is a piece of the Continent,
     a part of the main.

     Any man's death diminishes me, because
     I am involved in Mankind; And therefore
     never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
     it tolls for thee.

  • Tejas Patel's father also died suddenly (I just read the news). Our thoughts are with you, Tejas.

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Prayers for Myers-Briggs Personality Types

A couple of weeks ago a group of us from church were discussing the Myers-Briggs personality test (I've blogged about it before, and taken this online test).

Melbournian Stephen Said posts about humourous, hypothetical MyersBriggs Prayer. Here's mine (INTJ):

Lord keep me open to others' ideas, WRONG though they may be.

Hee hee. Perhaps a shortcut to finding your personality type, without taking the test, is to find which prayer you laugh at most :-)

A side note: Is it ironic that, for the people that dodge/avoid/"diss" personality tests by saying things like "I don't fit into a box", there's a box for? Hmmm...

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Welcome Heath Evert!

My son Heath Evert was born today at 7:15PM, weighing 9lb 5oz (4.22kg) and measuring 50cm (nearly 20 inches). Fittingly, he was born on Father's Day (also his due date).

I think you'll agree that he's absolutely beautiful. Welcome to the world, son!


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