Watching Movies with TJ

Aside: it seems I often post on entertainment, specifically, movies. I reckon I watch a few - so I may as well write about them :-)

TJ and I just finished watching Return of the Jedi. He's nearly 5, and we've watched all the Star Wars original trilogy together over the last couple of months, probably 60% of my suggesting it and 39% of his asking (with a 1% margin for error).

Here's the tricky thing for me: it's hard to know whether your 4 year-old is ready for these (PG-rated) movies. We watched Superman III a couple of weeks back and he wasn't scared at all. But several scenes in Star Wars upset him. I'm glad I was there to talk him through, but I wonder - is this content even appropriate?

He's always so excited after the film is finished - it's all new for him. We talk about bad guys and good guys. TJ loves Superman and always pretends to be him, but often TJ's preference is for bad guys - his favorite character was Darth Vader, but he switched once he saw a picture of Darth Maul.

It's funny what TJ picks up from his viewings: he told me, at the end of Return of the Jedi, that Anakin was back and Darth Vader was gone - a reference to the "good" in Darth Vader. I thought he was very perceptive! On the flip side, he thinks that Superman can do anything, "easy - with one hand". I tried explaining that Superman was always at work saving people and stopping bad guys, but TJ didn't feel like doing that as he was lounging on the couch - "they [the baddies] got away."

Enough of analyzing. I guess I'll keep talking to TJ about it and make sure I'm sensitive to his leading, and perhaps reduce my instigation so it's more 30/69 (again with the 1% margin).

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