Moving Out, Moving In

Last weekend we moved, from a small 3-bedroom unit to a mid-sized 3 bedroom house. With Olivia expecting in early September, we really needed a bit more living space. The house we're now renting has just had a new coat of paint inside and had new carpet put down, and also has a new heater and hot water system (we found out on the day we moved that the old hot water system was no showers for 2 days!)

I see the process of moving as being split into two parts - "moving out" of the old, and "moving in" to the new.

Olivia is of course really amazing at both parts of moving. Thanks mainly to her but also to a great team of helpers - my parents and brother Dave, Olivia's Mum and Dad, my mate Pete and Olivia's good friend Rachel - we did the shifting, and cleaned the old house, in one day.

Olivia had spent three or four weeks preparing though; everything was packed in labelled boxes and most of the cleaning was already finished by moving day. We hired a truck and between it and a couple of cars it took 3 trips, 5 hours and 60km to finish the "moving out" part by early afternoon.

"Moving in" will take longer. But the new place is already starting to feel like "home".

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