A Small Observation

Not quite a golden rule, but a small observation I can make from experience:

The things that your wife does that may drive you crazy, your kids can do, and make those same things look cute.
I hope this doesn't give too much away about my wife (who shall remain nameless)!

For instance, Maya is prone to sudden changes of mind (which I see as funny, and her making her way to independance). She is quite assertive and not afraid to speak her mind (which I see as good for communication with my daughter). She doesn't mind hard work - in fact, often she treats a suggestion to pack up the toy room as pure joy, while TJ suddenly runs off and finds something inconsequential to do until you ask him directly (and I enjoy working with someone, so it's fun to pack up with Maya sometimes, given she's so enthusiastic).

Actually, reading over that list highlights qualities in my wife, that I'm glad I see in my daughter! And yes, those qualities sometimes drive me crazy :-)

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